Our Approach

Our work is based on the deep belief that people and their relationships really matter; and that respect for individual diversity, and goodwill create opportunities and resilient organisations, and will help make a better world.

Our work is based on respect for people and our values:

Great Service

We aim to exceed your highest expectations with the quality of our work, our timeliness, thoroughness, thoughtfulness and follow-through.

Respect and Fairness

Our work is based on principles of natural justice, a fair go for all, solving today’s issues and preventing problems in the future.

We work together with appreciation of the diversity of our colleagues and your people.

Valuing Experience

We believe that people should participate in and feel involved in decisions that affect their lives, and that this improves the quality of decision making.



Moira Rayner

Moira Rayner is a senior and experienced lawyer, particularly in the high-risk area of managing workplace behaviours. Until June 2005 she was Deputy Managing Director of a national employer organisation and managed its Melbourne office. She teaches in the postgraduate discrimination law course as a Senior Fellow at Melbourne University's Law School. Her postgraduate qualifications in public policy have been put to good use in several statutory offices.

Moira Rayner is best known in Victoria as its last Commissioner for Equal Opportunity. She has also been the Acting Deputy Director (Research) of the Australian Institute of Family Studies; a Hearings Commissioner of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission, and a full-time consultant in the national law firm Dunhill Madden Butler (now Deacons) for more than six years, when she helped establish the firm's Discrimination Law Practice, and worked with major employers, universities and government departments. In 2000 she became the first Director of the Office of Children's Rights Commissioner for London, which modeled effective children's participation in government and is now an integral part of the Greater London Authority, London's new regional government. She has co-authored several books on governance, human rights, government policy and women and power.

Frank Bassini - Associate

Frank Bassini (B. Ed.) is a tall, dark, strong, moustachioed conciliator and educator of Italian descent who, throughout his extensive career in business and the public sector, has a well-earned reputation for effective intervention in workplace disputes, and delivering lively and transformative training.

His career includes working within the Victorian Education Department as a special programs consultant, curriculum diversity; many years as Senior Conciliator in what is now the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission (specialising in race and ethnic background); as Diversity Manager for General Motors, Australia; and principal consultant to Diversity Council Australia Ltd.

His clients include major sports organisations, including AFL and Cricket Australia, for whom he has delivered and advised on racial policy and as a training consultant on other aspects of sporting culture. Frank specialises in training all sectors of industry and business from mining (New Hope Coal) to manufacturing (Toyota, Alcoa, Honda) and even legal firms.

Myrna Bull - Associate

Myrna Bull has a wealth of experience in management and human rights. As the Northern Territory’s Regional Director of the Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission she contributed to a range of policy initiatives that had a significant effect on the quality of life of the community. Myrna helped to establish the Northern Territory’s Anti-Discrimination Act 1991 while she was the Director of the Office of Equal Opportunity. Prior to that she worked with an Indigenous counterpart in the Aboriginal Women’s Resource Centre which achieved a milestone in the history of the Uniting Church when her colleague was appointed the Centre’s Coordinator.

Myrna has been Assistant Commissioner, Conciliation in the Victorian Equal Opportunity Commission, a management consultant, independent conciliator and investigator, and a workplace training and recruitment consultant. She developed and managed the volunteer selection and community education program for Australian Volunteers International, Australia’s largest volunteer recruitment agency, and most recently worked for Job Futures as the manager of its Victorian prisoner employment program.

Jan Mayman - Associate

Jan Mayman is an investigative journalist and winner of Australia's most prestigious journalism prize, the Gold Walkley Award.

Jan's consultancy business Information Unlimited conducts confidential research for media and other organisations.

Her team includes senior investigative journalists in Australia and overseas including Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangalore, London, Japan and the US and highly skilled research librarians with advanced Internet skills including mastery of the Invisible Web in several languages.

Eva Cox - Associate

Eva Cox’s long-standing research interest is how to create a more civil society. Her current projects build on her Boyer Lectures (1995) on social capital, and include social and ethical auditing; developing mechanisms to encourage corporate social responsibility and indicators of organisational culture and working conditions that allow members/workers to behave ethically. A sociologist, Eva has designed, delivered and analysed hundreds of qualitative and quantitative surveys over a long career as market researcher, consultant, administrator and policy advocate. She has published widely and eclectically in books, journals and newspapers.

Eva and her consultancy business Distaff Associates help people put together any research project, from small focus groups to large surveys. Eva has a thorough understanding of policy and the dynamics of decision-making and of the processes that enable people work together to achieve shared objectives. Eva has particular skills in gender and cultural diversity.