We have the skills to help people who are struggling, especially in tough management situations.

We advise and support aspiring and developing leaders and managers, especially from diverse backgrounds.

We counsel people who feel victimised or damaged through problems in the workplace, and guide people to learn and change after they have made mistakes, or have bullied, harassed, discriminated against or harmed other people.

We develop sustainable networks for contact officers and those handling grievances and complaints.


We are skilled, sensible, experienced and knowledgeable.

We can help you and your people sort out difficult situations and resolve conflict quickly.

We help you avoid and manage risks arising from workplace misconduct and failures to manage, and we can help your people learn and move on after problems arise.


We conduct independent and confidential investigations.

For employers and managers we offer immediate, pragmatic and principled interventions that bring the issues to practical resolution speedily.

We help you communicate what you have decided to do after an investigation has been completed, in the best way.

If advisable, we ensure you get prompt, legally privileged advice about the implications of your problems.


If legal action is in the air we quickly get you skilled, confidential advice and effective representation in conferences, mediations and in courts and tribunals. We have access to the best possible legal information.

We offer an around-the-clock Support Line for you, your managers, and people with grievances and concerns.


We can inspire your people, enthuse your managers; explain your position and put policy proposals, in-house or out there in government, business, media and public forums.

Moira Rayner is an internationally recognised motivational speaker and communicator on local government, good governance, legal, ethical, occupational health and safety, accessibility and discrimination and community issues.


Training is the key to transforming organisational culture and making the most of diversity - a motivated, harmonious and productive workforce. In this age of skills shortages you not only want to attract good people but keep them and develop them.

We develop customised training to meet your needs. We develop training packages – face-to-face and online – to complement your corporate training programs, or stand-alone, including manuals, workshop materials, and case studies and hands-on experience using workshops group work and role plays, using the most advanced technology to make your people sit up and take notice.


We can create and improve on other people’s writing on anything – action plans, audits, analysis, change and diversity strategic plans, discussion papers, grievance procedures and policies, programs, surveys and reports – and when we have researched your problem, you know exactly where you stand.